What are some important things you should know before planning an adult trip to Universal Studio, Orlando?

Universal Orlando Resort

It consists of two theme parks, a waterpark, and a shopping complex. You have Universal Studios, which opened in 1990 and it celebrates all things to do with film and television. Islands of Adventure, which is located right next door and opened in 1999. It has a whole series of different adventure areas and again themed around television shows and movies. Volcano Bay is the waterpark. City Walk is a shopping and dining, entertainment area, where you have lots of bars, lots of restaurants, movie houses. And also, of course, associated with the whole Universal Orlando Resort are several hotels linked to the whole complex.

Suitable rides and parks for adults

the Universal parks and waterpark are much more adult-focused than the Disney parks and water parks, located, of course, in Orlando. So, if you’re looking for a much more adult experience in Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, the hotels, and the waterpark are going to give you a much more adult experience. A lot of the rides are restricted to certain height levels, which excludes a lot of the younger kids. 

Best time to visit Universal Studios

the best time to go to Universal if you’re an adult and you’re not traveling with kids who have to go on school holidays. The best time to go is on weekdays. Avoid weekends. Also, avoid public holiday weekends like Easter. Visit on weekdays and avoid any times when there’s any holiday. Some of the excellent times to go, for example, are from early January through to mid-February, which is a perfect time to go, and early June. Then avoid all of the middles of summer, and it gets again quiet in September and October time. Early in December is a great time to go before all of the holiday stuff kicks in. 

How long should you visit?

Each Park will take you at least a full day, so a full day at Universal Studios, a full day in Islands of Adventure, and a full day at the waterpark. You could probably spend a whole day at City Walk as well, although of course you can combine that and you can stay there much later after you’ve been to visit a park.

decide is whether you should stay at one of the on-property hotels.

There’s a wide range of them at different prices. There are many benefits. One of the benefits is that you get into the parks an hour before opening time if you’re staying at the hotel. The standard opening time is nine o’clock in the morning, but you can get in at eight o’clock.

So, if you are going to stay on property, look at the hotels which include that – because that is a real big plus. But, in addition, there are some other perks where, for example, if you buy things in the parks, they will send them back to the hotel for you. So, plan your trip and enjoy!

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